Hi I'm Alicia Simons.

Welcome to the a-lee-c-a project.

I like to photograph and print things and like hanging out with my friends.

Not really on social media but check this out.

Email me questions, fun facts about dinosaurs and spam over here.

Below is some of my work. enjoy !! (some of the pics are broken right now.. sorry !! am fixing it as you read)

01 gracie and thelma

02 a phone book about my experience at the pokies

03 my 21st birthday present

04 the kids at mada; a poster.

05 Untitled, some pages.

06 christmas time

07 james, I see you watching me watching you.

08 the pokies; a bathroom door.

09 white roses; for your grandma

10 terror

11 sisters in the suburbs

12 dedicated to the girls

13 fraser anning, you're wrong so I corrected you

14 keep cup girl

15 monash emails; a zine

16 the words

17 there is a really nice bakery here, highly recommend the vanilla slice

18 colours

19 fraser

20 pastels

21 for the girls

22 it is just hard to convince your generation to go

23 you are loved, on film

24 amici

25 a handy tip for the pokies

26 selena

27 hold my hand

28 james

29 some work about the girls

30 my home

31 video killed the radio star

32 golden undies

33 for annie

34 film

35 all good things come to an end

36 happy birthday alicia

37 take me home, please.

38 the kids, some stickers.

39 a zine about the pokies

40 Herald's headlines of 2017

42 untitled, a shrine

43 yummy

44 untitled, the pics

45 where are they?

46 Ash

47 a blood bath

48 fraser's speech only gets worse and his presence only got more filthy

49 collateral damage of the pokies

50 before a blood bath

51 where do we find them?

52 a wedding

53 a blod bath in a publication

54 a girl on fire

55 nancy on fire

56 you're not alone and we love you

57 nancy broke the tv

58 nancy is sad, on film

59 nancy, ironing. digital

60 dancing queen, young and swwet only 17

61 melbourne

62 nancy, before

63 a comment

64 nancy, hanging out with herself

65 look what we made her do

66 mad about the pokies

67 nancy and the bin

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If you'd like to find out more about my work please do email me.